VEVOR Hydraulic Power Unit 220V 10 Quart Car Lift 3HP Hydraulic Pump Power Unit Car Lift Single Phase Hydraulic Pumps with 10L


Load Capacity 10 Quart 10 Quart
Color Black
Item dimensions L x W x H 31.9 x 11.4 x 10.6 inches
Vehicle Service Type
Car Lift
Metal Steel Tank
Item Weight
44 Pounds
Single Acting

  • Product Details: Our hydraulic pump is designed with a 220V motor (Power: 2.2kw) and a 10-Liter reservoir. The max relief pressure is 2950 PSI; it is a single-acting pump for power up and gravity down.
  • Easy to Use: This hydraulic power unit has been fully assembled in advance. The wiring is simple and comes with operating instructions. Extra connectors are offered for replacement.
  • Reliable Quality: The oil tank is durable as it is made of sturdy metal. As a power unit, this is a perfect replacement pump for remote hydraulic systems. The relief valve ensures safer operation.
  • Rapid Start: With its powerful motor, this hydraulic electric pump is quick to start and quick to output oil; it can provide strong power for car lifts and is able to complete lifting in a short time.
  • Wide Application: This power unit is widely used for car lifts, small, and medium-sized lifting platforms. It is compatible with many dump trailers and movers and is a direct replacement for hydraulic systems.


Product Description

hydraulic motor

electric hydraulic pump

dump trailer pump

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VEVOR Car Lift Hydraulic Power Unit for Auto Repair

220V & 10L Steel Tank & 2950 PSI

This is a high-quality unit that is used by many OEM’s Like Rotary and Bend Pack. It can be used for lifting the car repair, it can help you to easily lift the car, it will be a good helper in your work. The product has the advantages of reliable quality, convenient use, long service life, and we provide perfect service.

  • Product Details
  • Easy to Use
  • Reliable Quality
  • Rapid Start
  • Wide Application

Key Features

dump trailer hydraulic pump

hydraulic power unit 12v

hydraulic pumps

Single-Acting Power Unit

This single-acting hydraulic power unit has a 220V AC motor (Power:2.2kw) and a 10-liter metal reservoir; The max relief pressure is set at 2950 PSI. The rated speed: 2850 r/min.

Convenient Design

Our hydraulic electric pump is fully assembled. It’s designed with a convenient start button and control handle and comes with additional connectors. The whole power unit is easy to wire and easy to operate.

Quick Start&Lifting

With the powerful electric motor, our hydraulic pump for car lifts can start rapidly and provide quick oil output. In addition, it can provide strong power that will lift cars in a short period.

hydraulic reservoir

hydrolic pump

electric hydraulic pump 12v

Long Lasting

You can rely on the quality of this electric hydraulic pump as it is made of special-treated sturdy metal, and the whole structure has been reinforced. It is also equipped with a powerful motor that you can use as often as you like.

Simple Installation

This car lift power unit has been pre-assembled before delivery, and it can be installed horizontally or vertically. We provide instructions for operation so that you can install and use the hydraulic pump easily.

Wide Application

This hydraulic pump has been widely used as a power unit for hydraulic systems like car lifts to lift cars for repair, it can also be used for scissor lift, aerial platform, wheelchair lifts, etc.

hydraulic power pack

single acting hydraulic power unit

Package Content
  • 1 set of Car Lift Hydraulic Power Unit


  • Voltage: 208-240V AC
  • Power: 2.2 KW
  • FR: 60 HZ
  • Motor: 3 HP
  • Ports: SAE6
  • Tank material: Steel
  • Relief Pressure: 2950 PSI
  • Pump Pressure: Adjustable
  • Pump Displacement: 2.1 CC/Rev
  • Mounting: Universal

Additional information




‎Hydraulic Pump Power Unit Car Lift Single Phase Hydraulic Pumps

Item Weight

‎44 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎31.9 x 11.4 x 10.6 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number

‎220V 10 Quart Single Acting

Manufacturer Part Number

‎220V 10 Quart Single Acting



Date First Available

July 29, 2016