Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool Manual AC Hose Crimper Kit AC Crimping Tool Air Conditioning for Barbed and Beaded Hose Fittings


Brand Bangoo
Color Silver Blue
Product Dimensions 16″L x 4″W
Handle Material Aluminum
Grip Type Ergonomic

  • 📘 The hydraulic hose crimping tool with aluminum alloy material,Portable and Lightweight Hand-Held Crimping – Ideal for Shop and Field Applications.
  • 📘 Complete set of dies included, covering a wide range of hose sizes: #6(5/16″), #8(13/32″), #10(1/2″), #12(5/8″), and reduced barrier hose sizes.
  • 📘 The A/C hose crimper is customized for the project cars AC lines.
  • 📘 This AC crimping machine Kit comes with a whole set of accessories and one storage box, which can keep the sets against missing.
  • 📘 Save Time and Effort with Snap-On Dies – Quick and Effortless Installation without the Need for Pins or Screws – Get the Job Done Faster!


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Product Description

hydraulic pipe crimping tool

AC Hose Crimping Tool

Hydraulic Hose Crimper A/C Hose Crimping tool

  • Stamper hardness can reach up to 53 HRC.
  • With 7 changeable dies.
  • Ideal for shop and field operations,

iGeelee AC hose Crimping tool Hydraulic AC hose crimper for auto reparing_2

Hydraulic Hose Crimping tool for auto reparing

hose crimper

Purple die is for #6 & #8SRB.

For Standard Hose Die Set

1-Purple Set– #6 (5/16”); 2-Red Set – #8 (13/32”)

3-Yellow Set – #10 (1/2”); 4- Green Set – #12 (5/8”)

For Reduced Barrier Die Set

5-Black Set – #6SRB (5/16”); 6-Purple – #8SRB/ #6 (13/32″); 7-Orange Set – #10SRB (1/2”); 8-Blue Set – #12SRB (5/8”)

Hydraulic Hose Crimper Hose Crimping Tool Kit

Aluminum Alloy Material

This Hydraulic hose crimper with aluminum alloy material, keeps its quality durability. Stamper hardness can reach up to 53 HRC.

Hydraulic Operation

This hydraulic design makes the crimper easier to use. The large oil cylinder with good tightness and spring handle makes work more efficient.

Easy to Install

This A/C hose crimping tool has complete dies for the most common-sized hoses and fittings included, work as the project car’s AC lines,it is much more manageable.

Key Features


ac hose crimper

ac hose crimper

ac hose crimping tool

The dies can be snapped quickly into the press fixture.

Light weight and high strength Aluminum alloy body; Slippery-proof handle

Thickened plastic case can keep the hose crimping tool set against damage or missing.

Precise and high hardness dies. Purple: #6 or #8SRB

Operation Steps

hose crimping tool

hose crimping tool

ac hose crimper

hydraulic hose crimping machine

Step 1

Take out the Pin and open the press fixture

Step 2

Install the correct dies into the yoke.

Step 3

Fully insert the pin

Step 4

With clockwise turning the body until dies are snug against hose fitting.

hose crimper

hose crimping machine


hydraulic hose crimper

Step 5

Turn pump body with clockwise (2-3 turns) to keep ca. 2 mm space between yoke and pump body.

Step 6

Turn hydraulic valve to be “Work” position.

Step 7

Pump handle to crimp fittings connect hose.

Step 8

Finish crimping.

Additional information

Part Number


Item Weight

‎14.92 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎16 x 4 x 0.1 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎Silver Blue


‎Aluminum alloy

Handle Material


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Date First Available

November 30, 2023


‎Bangoo Ltd