HIFESON Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool, Pneumatic Riveter Automatic Rivet Nut Gun Tool Setting Kit Come with 13 Size


  • Ideal for nuts in all materials(such as stainless steel, iron, Aluminium) If you need to buy bolts, please search for B0BNJ26WFM
  • Come with 13 nose-piece assembly SAE size (#8-32,#10-32,#10-24,1/4,5/16,3/8) and Metric size(M3,M4,M5,M6,M8,M10,M12)
  • Tool life more than 2 million nuts (Consumable parts such as mandrels and nose-piece assembly need to be replaced regularly)
  • Automatic style, the air motor stalls out upon reaching torque and exits from the nut
  • Pull Force: >4300lbf(@5bar), Motor Speed: 2000 RPM; Stroke Length: 0.27in.(7mm); Air Pressure: 5-7bar; Noise Level: <75dB(A)
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Product Description

Pneumatic rivet nut gun

SAE size

Metric size

How to adjust

How to use

Pneumatic rivet nut gun


1, One tool to complete the work of nuts from #8-32,#10-32,#10-24, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16,M3,M4, M5 , M6 , M8 , M10, M12,13 sizes nuts. Nuts including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper and other materials can be applied.

2. Fully automatic tool, from installing the nut, to pulling the nut, and pushing out, only one key is needed.

3. Very durable, the nut can be pulled more than 1.8 million times in its entire life. (excluding wear parts)

4. If you are a professional and need to deal with all kinds of heavy-duty work, you need one.


1. It’s best to do some testing on scrap to adjust the stroke to get the desired nuts result. Start with a short stroke setting and work your way up until the nut is properly tightened. When the nut pull stroke is set too long, you may strip the threads on the mandrel.

2. The direction of pulling the nut should be perpendicular to the plate, so as not to damage the pull rod and get a good pulling nut effect.


1. During replays nose-piece, for safety, be sure to turn off the air source first .

2. After installing the gun head, please test the air pressure and tools to be normal before starting the formal operation.

Safety User Guide:

In order to enable you to use this tool correctly and not to be harmed at work, please read the following items carefully and strictly implement them before use.

1. The maximum air pressure used cannot exceed 7bar, or the maximum pressure required in the instructions.

2. When not in use, changing tool accessories or performing maintenance, please turn off the air source and disconnect the tool from the air source connector.

3. When operating the tool, do not wear gloves, shin guards, or loose clothing, and keep a certain distance from the body and the tool.

4. Do not directly touch the rotating shaft to avoid injury to your hands or other parts of the body by tools. Wear gloves to protect your hands during operation.

5. Non-professionals cannot modify the tool structure by themselves, or replace parts from other manufacturers.

6. Do not leave excessively long gas lines in walkways or work areas, which could cause staff to trip and slip.

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‎Industrial Hydraulic Pneumatic Riveter

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‎11.2 pounds

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‎15.24 x 13.82 x 6.02 inches

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May 16, 2023