110V Electric Driven Hydrauic Pump – 750W Double Acting Hydraulic Pump + Solenoid Valve Pedal Switch for Punching/Bending/Jack


  • 【Universal Type】The pump can be used for a variety of hydraulic equipments.
  • 【Main Function】If the pump is equipped with other hydraulic tools, it can work on several assignments such as lifting, pressing, bending, straightening, cutting, assembly and disassembly. Reduce manual work and maximize work efficiency.
  • 【Double-Acting】 Double acting solenoid valve is more convenient and quick, more applicable.
  • 【Product Parameter】Voltage: AC 110V; power: 750W; Motor speed: 1400r/Min; Working pressure: 290PSI – 10152PSI(2Mpa – 70Mpa; Oil capacity: 7L;
  • 【Application】Apply for industrial Punching machine, bending machine, Jack split hydraulic products


Input voltage: AC 110V 60HZ
Flow rate: 0.6L/min(>7Mpa) – 5L/min(<7Mpa)
Working pressure: 290PSI – 10152PSI(2Mpa – 70Mpa)
Oil capacity: 7L
Motor power: 750W
Motor speed: 1400r/Min
G.W: 30KG

Operation Instruction:
1. Open the filler before use, the electric pump and power connections before oiling, then press down the black button which next to the motor to open, press the manual operation switch (up), after a few air pressure, press the manual operation switch (down), turn off the motor, connected to tubing. (The pressure should not exceed 63Mpa when air pressure, in order to avoid damage)
2. Open the motor after the pump connect with the equipment, and placed the operation valve in pressurized position after the motor rotates 1-2 minutes, this moment the hydraulic oil come into the cylinder to perform the work, and the output of the hydraulic oil will increases with the load on their own booster until 63Mpa.
3. The oil pump regular working temperature between 10℃~50℃,when find the oil temperature≥70 ℃ should stop using after continuous working under high pressure, let it self-cooling before use.
4. The pressure of the relief valve and safety valve have been set before the pump leave the factory, the user can not arbitrarily increase the pressure,could only reduce it according to the actual working pressure, that can improve the life of the pump station.
5. The motor must have reliable grounding.

Package included:
1 X Electric Driven Hydraulic Pump
2 X Oil Hose(1.8M)
2 X Quick Connector

Additional information

Product Dimensions

‎ 14.57 x 11.42 x 11.02 inches

Date First Available

‎ February 10, 2020