1000PSI 7MPa High Pressure Manual Powered Hydraulic Pump Test Pump,Manual Push Testing Hand Tool Pipe Valve Pressure Tester


  • Hydrostatic test pump Made of high quality iron material, surface paint spray treatment, rustproof and durable.
  • Long operation handle makes great leverage for saving effort and reducing hand fatigue. This hydro test hand pump is your best choice .
  • Pointer type pressure gauge with clear scales for easy reading. hand operated hydro test hand pump made of good quality , i think you will like it after you use this item.
  • Pneumatic pressure test pump air Suitable for pressure testing of a variety of pressure vessels, pipes, valves, rubber fittings.
  • Widely used in chemical industry, construction, plumbing, oil, coal, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries. You can try this manual pressure test pump.


Item Type: Manual Pressure Test Pump
Maximum Testing Pressure: 1000PSI / 7MPa

1. Install the machine and secure the pump body to the water tank with four screws.
2. Install the water pipe and connect it to the pump body (Note: seal connection, add washer, you can also use tape, otherwise it is easy to leak)
3. Connect the other end of the outlet hose to the tested pipe
4. Fill the test tube with water, vent the air, and then close the pressure relief valve.
5. Fill the water tank with water, then rock the handle up and down to start the pressure test.
6. When the pressure gauge rises to the required pressure, the pressure can be stopped (normal tap water pressure is 0.3Mpa, high-rise residential building water pressure is 0.4Mpa, water pipe pressure test is generally pressurized to 0.8-1Mpa, 0.1Mpa is equivalent to 1kg pressure)
7. After stopping the back pressure, if the indicated pressure does not drop, it can be proved that the pressure resistance of the pipe is good. On the contrary, it can be proved that the sealing performance of the sealed tube was not good, and there exists a leakage that has caused a pressure drop.

Package List:
1 x Pump
1 x Handle
1 x Water Pipe
9 x Seal Ring
1 x User Manual

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